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5 March 2015
A busy year in the BVIs ..... | My job as a Deckie | My career on superyachts - meet Jasmine Kilpatrick | The Bottom Line - Superyacht salaries 2014 | Take the plunge down under with Flying Fish! | Last chance to book 2014 RYA windsurf instructor courses in Greece | Gap year options in Australia | Windsurf Instructor course week one - Flying Fish Vassiliki | Summer on the beach and winter on the slopes | Want to be a deckie on a superyacht? Learn to drive a tender properly | New year, new job? Aye-aye, Skipper! | Travel and tips - work on a Superyacht! | STCW 95 Basic Safety Training for 720 at Cowes UK | Qualify now to be working in the sun next summer | Professional Practices and Responsibilities | Recruitment day in Antibes for Flying Fish Superyacht Crew Jobs available today: 172
Research and apply for a visa

australian embassy
It is up to you to find out if you need a visa to visit a Flying Fish location. This screen will help you to research your status. If in doubt, you should contact a consular office of the country you are going to visit, in the country where you normally live.

If you do need a visa it will be a Visitor or Holiday Visa, NOT a Student Visa. If you want to work after training with Flying Fish, you may need a Work Visa.

The links here will help you get organised. In some cases you can apply online and your visa will be confirmed electronically. 


Australia visa information online >>
Australia's Department of Immigration and Multicultural Affairs. Apply for your visa online here.

Click to Australia Immigration

UK Visas >>
Do you need a visa to visit the United Kingdom? Advice from the UK Border Agency includiing a questionnaire that gives you an instant answer.  

UK Border Agency

Embassy of Greece in London >>
Information for non-EU citizens on visa requirements for Greece. Click on the link then select 'Consular affairs'. Apply here if you are in the UK.

Click to Embassy of Greece

Australian visitors to Greece >>  
Who needs a visa to visit Greece? Advice from the Greek Embassy in Canberra

Visas for Greece


International Experience Canada (IEC) for Australian citizens >>
How to apply for a Working Holiday visa under the IEC scheme if you are a citizen of Australia.

International Experience Canada

International Experience Canada (IEC) for UK citizens >>  
The Working Holiday section of the IEC scheme gives information for citizens of the United Kingdom

International Experience Canada

International Experience Canada (IEC) for all nationalities >> 
Who can apply for a Working Holiday visa under the IEC scheme? Information for non-UK and non-Australian citizens

Who is eligible for a Working Holiday visa for Canada? >>
Immigration, work permit and visa services for residents of the European Union and most of the English speaking world, from an immigration specialist and visa agent based in UK.


Know before you go >>
Information for travellers from Britain's Foreign and Commonwealth Office.  


Contact a training adviser at Flying Fish >>
We're always happy to help if you want advice.





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