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Aifric McKenna

Having finished her degree, 23 year old Aifric from Dublin joined Flying Fish to get qualified as a Yachtmaster and sail the world. Aifric writes:

I joined the Yachtmaster Pro Traineeship in Cowes on the Isle of Wight in September.

It was a great experience especially being able to sail in Cowes and move on to Sydney when England started to get really cold! Also having the opportunity to race in Sydney's twilight races was pretty cool.

Best moments

My best moments were going out of Sydney Harbour Heads for the first time in massive swell, and learning how to surf the waves. Seeing places you can only really see by boat up and down the east coast of Australia, especially mooring at Jarvis Bay.

Another highlight was eating fish for breakfast on the boat freshly caught by some of the boys on board!


My worst moments were freezing my bits off in Cowes sailing back in the pouring rain in the middle of the night as a result of engine failure!

I learned a huge amount in my Yachtmaster Prep week, more than I ever thought I could!

The exam itself was pretty intense. The examiner pushed you to see how much you knew, so some tricky questions were asked. We finished late and started early, so by the end of it I was so tired I could barely move. I was delighted to have passed and wanted to pass on a special thank you to my prep week instructor Dane Kearney for all his help and support.

My plans now are to find a job in the Whitsundays as a first mate and see where I go from there really.


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