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Wayne Reed

Wayne Reed

Wayne sailed around the world in 2012 and it inspired him to pursue a life on yachts. Here he explains what happened next:

When I retired from work I bought a 40' sail cruiser. Although I had sailed and raced for 40 years, now that I was planning to live on a yacht I knew I needed some qualifications.

Professional and committed

Research and referrals from friends led me to Flying Fish. I must say I have been very happy with their professional and committed approach.

Enjoyable and challenging

During the delivery trip from Hamilton Island to Sydney the instructors' easy going and friendly nature ensured the passage was enjoyable as well as challenging.

During my Yachtmaster Prep week, and right up to the afternoon of the assessment, their thorough coaching made sure I was confident in everything that was to be tested in the exam.

Now what? I aim to get qualified to teach sailing and inspire others to pursue a life on yachts!


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