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Anthony Dunn

Anthony Dunn from Sydney had many years of sailing experience under his belt before he decided to take the plunge and go for his Yachtmaster certificate then enter the Sydney Hobart.

A big decision

Training up to Yachtmaster was a big decision, he explained.

Anthony went on to sayI chose Flying Fish because I had heard great things about them. The advice I received before booking the course was first class.

They gave me a clear idea of what I needed to achieve in order to go for the Yachtmaster examination.

Our instructor Chris Hollis was great. He gave us lots of advice from top racing techniques to practical Yachtmaster training.

On the edge of your seat

Following his Yachtmaster exam Anthony decided to join a Flying Fish crew to compete in the Sydney Hobart Race.

He summed up his experience with Flying Fish: I would definitely do the whole thing again....on the edge of your seat fun!


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