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Chris Brown

Chris did his Windsurfing Intermediate Instructor upgrade with Flying Fish. After completing his course he joined the Club Vass team in Greece.

Chris explains: I had the opportunity to do some work experience with Club Vass and other centres along the beach.

On the staff

He returned to work on the staff of Club Vass the following year and stayed until the end of the Mediterranean season in October. In pursuit of the sun, he then flew to Dahab where he stayed until returning to Vass for another season, where he achieved his Advanced Windsurfing Instructor ticket with Flying Fish.

A way of life

When asked to describe how he feels about his job, Chris said: I can't imagine having another job where you wake up and can't wait to get to work. Just be prepared never to leave!! Its not a job its a way of life. 

A typical day in Dahab?

I get woken up with a telephone call from my colleague Colin with an update on the wind. If it's good we go for a sail for an hour before work. Once the centre is open I am straight back on the water, either teaching or freesailing. After lunch I might run a simulator session to clarify a few points, then I head back out on the water for a sail.

When teaching finishes at about 4pm the centre gets closed down and Chris joins the clients for a beer. As he puts it: its an amazing job.


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