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Eric Pascavage

At 18 Eric graduated from Milton Academy, Massachusetts. He spent the summer in the States before joining Flying Fish in October. He was looking for an adventurous gap year before going to Marymount College in California.

His plans included trips to the UK, returning to the States for Thanksgiving, having Christmas and the New Year in Sydney, then taking in Greece and France during the summer before returning to the US to start university.

Three modules

He chose to do the Yachtmaster Pro Traineeship. Because the course includes three distinct modules he could plan his training around his travels.

During his time in the UK Eric went up for interviews for yacht work and he landed a job with Neilson in Greece.

Eric describes his experience: The course itself was excellent. I was only expecting to learn to sail, but we all went surfing, diving, abseiling and even canyoning - a total experience. Do it!

Work was great, too. I got to see the other side of sailing, with Neilson. Sometimes I was busy six days a week helping with the refits and maintenance. Hard work - but Greece is not a bad place to hang out, on the pontoons with the yachts in the sun. We got some good sailing in too, on 'shake down' delivery trips.


The last two weeks of Eric's gap year were back in the UK with Flying Fish, on final prep for his Yachtmaster Offshore skipper's exam. Eric was last seen flying back to the US - a qualified Yachtmaster with travel memories that will last forever.


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