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Erwin Plaine

After training with Flying Fish at the age of 24, Sydneysider Erwin has developed his career in the superyacht industry. He now spends nine months a year working on board luxury superyachts and his three month holiday on the mountain snowboarding.

Yachtmaster and STCW

Erwin writes: Before Flying Fish I spent a season working on a 130ft superyacht in France. Towards the end of my contract I was starting to look for work on other boats. The superyachyt industry standard qualification seemed to be the Yachtmaster certificate and STCW. All the crew agencies were asking for these certificates so I decided to train to become a Yachtmaster.

The training was excellent and I found everything really helpful. The theory was especially useful as I didn't have much experience with complicated things like calculating secondary ports, tidal height and running fixes.

The skippering practice also really helped to build up my confidence and knowledge before the exam.

I made some great friends on the course and some international contacts.

Job offers from yachts

Since receiving his RYA Yachtmaster Certificate Erwin has updated his CV with recruiting agents.

He says: I've now had a number of job offers from yachts all round the world. It's up to me to pick which job is the most interesting and follow up with an interview with the Captain.

One of the best things about my career in the yachting industry is that I get to work outdoors and enjoy seeing so many beautiful places that aren't necessarily accessible by road. I love to travel and this is a great way to travel while still working and earning a decent wage.


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