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Georgia Fairbank

Georgia from Sydney, pictured centre, took a gap year after school and joined the Ski Instructor Intermediate course in Whistler.

Georgia reports back: I have really loved my gap year so far. It's been so much fun and I've met some really awesome people. It's also been really good because after school I couldn't face the idea of going to Uni, I was way too burnt out after school. Now I'm ready and want to go to Uni next year which I'm really thankful that my gap year has given me.

Passion for skiing

The training was awesome. I had so much fun on the course, the people were a real eclectic bunch from everywhere but we all had a passion for skiing or boarding. It was great doing this course because although it only took two weeks to do Levels 1 and 2 all the improvement and practice teaching we did meant we had a 100% success rate in our exams. Our crew had definitely the upper hand against everyone else in the instructor exams because we already knew all the content to pass.

I would advise anyone who is a unsure about what to study at Uni to take a gap year. I had no idea about what course I wanted to take. Now I've done some work experience during my gap year in the media and communications industry, and now I know that what I want to do.

Life long friends

I have truly made some life long friends that I wouldn't have made otherwise which is brilliant. I met a lot of people who went on gap years and we all agree that it makes you more mature and independent which sets you up for university life.

If anyone is thinking about taking a gap year I would advise you to do something constructive with your time off and research into all the different programs that are out there because they are all so different and offer a completely different experience. I loved mins!


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