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Johnny Meredith

Johnny, 19, had a love for surfing and decided to take a gap year in Australia before beginning his degree to study medicine at Imperial College, London.

He couldn't resist enrolling on the Surf Instructor Traineeship. Johnny tells it here:


I didn't want to go home. I love Manly and I am so eager to progress my own surfing. The surf training and surf safari were great. I have made great new friends and my surfing is improving every day.

It's so beneficial to surf with such a high standard of coaches. James our instructor is so much fun - and the kids we have been teaching over the holidays are such a blast

Great nightlife

Living here I can't get enough of the relaxed Manly beach lifestyle: friendly people, beautiful scenery, and great nightlife. And the Steyne Hotel is where it's at!

The surf instructor course isn't just giving me a qualification; I'm finding that I'm able to apply the knowledge to my own surfing. 


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