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Kyle Belmont

Kyle finished his Major in psychology at Dickinson College, Pennsylvania, and then headed off to Australia to join a Surf Instructor Traineeship with Flying Fish. He describes the experience:

Manly has been the perfect location to progress my own surfing. 

Variety of waves

There is such a variety of waves on offer - and highly experienced coaches who supported us all they way.

We got the chance to work with real clients, allowing us to test our newly learnt knowledge and skills. It is so satisfying to watch beginners stand for the first time, and see how happy it makes them feel!

Cruising the East Coast of Australia

The surf safaris were great! We got to cruise the East Coast all the way up to Byron Bay, surfing some unreal waves and hanging out with such an awesome crew.

After completing his course, Kyle set off for Central America to teach surfing in beautiful Panama – what a life!


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