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Logan Haggerston

19 year old Logan from Sydney was an experienced windsurfer when he jumped on board with Flying Fish. Logan writes:

I signed up for the Windsurf Instructor Fast-track in Sydney. The course was great and I met a whole group of new people who were into watersports. Our accommodation was in Manly - it's a fun place with lots to do in our time off.

Teaching windsurfing

As soon as I finished the course in Sydney I sent my resume to various employers in Europe. I quickly had an interview and then a job teaching windsurfing instructor on the Greek island of Zante!

During the day I was normally teaching or doing rescue cover or maintenance. Teaching is good fun and normally I would train the guests individually. The Flying Fish course gave me the fine lines of coaching techniques and it's really important to understand the different steps of teaching beginners.


Next year I'm going back to work in Greece again, the lifestyle is great. At the moment I'm enjoying the travelling and teaching and have plenty of time on the water. I think you should get out there and enjoy life as much as you can.


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