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Matt Hawthorne

19 year old Matt decided to do a Flying Fish dinghy instructor course at Vass in Greece to kick off his gap year.

Having acquired his dinghy instructor's ticket (and cycled through Andulucia), he was keen to earn some of his money back and spent the winter teaching dinghy sailing at Chasewater Club, in Stafford.

The next summer saw him back in Greece making good use of his uni hols, this time working for Club Vass as a Mountain Bike Guide with the odd bit of sailing instruction.

Matt summarises the experience:

The course was great for me because amongst other things I learnt how to give presentations to a group of people.

I was very lucky to get a job at Club Vass in my first season - I wouldn't be here if I didn't have strong thighs ...  

And a bonus was getting staff discount to do the Flying Fish windsurf instructor course at the end of the season. Now I can do it all! 


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