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Max Rowe

I just passed my RYA Windsurfing Advanced Instructor course which brings me on to how I got in to this whole teaching thing ...

After going on holiday with Club Vass when I was 17, I was certain that I was going to do a Flying Fish course. Flying Fish runs intensive instructor training courses in Vass, some of them take beginner windsurfers to instructors in 6 weeks.

A foot in the door

I first did their Fast-track of 4 weeks when I was 18 out in Vass and it definitely helped me get a foot in the door and meet all the guys working there.

It was also then that I got my first taste for freestyle windsurfing. I learnt to Vulcan that summer and have been hooked on it ever since.

Intermediate Instructor

After a brief stint working for Mark Warner in Kos I went to Dahab, Egypt for the first time to complete my Intermediate Instructor course with Flying Fish. I knew it was going to be hard to get a job working for Club Vass without this qualification and lucky for me and a few close friends I had met in Vass we had the perfect opportunity to do it.

The guys heading the operation up in Vass Andy Barnes and Becky Ellis were running the course and we all had an awesome week. So with my Intermediate Planing Instructor course under my belt I approached Club Vass pretty much begging for a job.

Advanced Plus Instructor

As I write it's been nearly five years since I passed my RYA Intermediate Planing course and for the last three years I've been trying to fit in completing my Advanced Plus Instructor course. Its been difficult as there is normally only one course a year with Flying Fish in Vass. This year everything fell into place.

It's no secret that I'd been teaching advanced windsurfers on a few occasions before the course but I still felt it was completely necessary to get it done and after not doing a course for five years I was keen to see how much I could learn from it. It was a great opportunity to brainstorm with Advance Trainer Andy Barnesey and other experienced instructors about anything from kit to teaching techniques.


I wanted to write this to say thanks to Flying Fish as they have hooked me up over the years and they really do an amazing job. Make sure you check out for info on all the courses they run. You will have the time of your life!!!


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