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Nick Braithwaite

Surf mad Nick, 18, wanted to spend most of his gap year in the water before starting a geography degree at Swansea University. After a summer of working and surfing in Cornwall, he signed up for the Flying Fish Surf Instructor Traineeship in Sydney.

Surf and sun

Australia is a great location for the course. I wanted the combination of great surf and sun – the water temperature is important!

Our surfari up the coast was pumping! We were surfing with dolphins. Good swell, the best waves of my life.

Life in Manly is awesome. It's an interesting place - an urban area with a marine reserve. There are a big variety of waves in a relatively small area.


The nightlife is just pumping – especially the Shark Bar – love it! Being here has opened up my eyes to what opportunities are out there. There are all sorts of opportunities, you have to seize them.

Sri Lanka

After six months down under, I'm heading off to Sri Lanka to build some houses – oh, and I understand the surf's pretty good out there too ....

My advice? Be prepared to throw yourself into everything. The more you put in, the more you get out.


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