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Peter and Jane Craggs

Peter and Jane had spent 30 years inland in North Yorkshire, Peter as a dairy farmer and Jane a bank manager at NatWest.

Jane recalls: We wanted a hobby that we could enjoy together when we retired and thought learning to sail would be fun. All our holidays then became sailing holidays.

Professional level

We enjoyed sailing so much we wanted to take it up to a professional level and, when we hit 50, decided it was now or never.

Peter signed up for the Yachtmaster Fast-track with Flying Fish and I went for Coastal.

It was a good social group of people and the instructors were great, very patient.

Work in the BVI

Following the course we headed for work in the Britsh Virgin Islands as Skipper and First Mate on a private yacht.  Peter was definitely looking forward to a slower pace, less pressure, a better climate and meeting new people.

Now we're combining our love of entertaining with our love of sailing – the perfect job.

You're never too old

If you are thinking of doing the same, I say take every opportunity, as you're never too old to learn! We were slightly apprehensive at first but found our age wasn't a hindrance in any way.

Flying Fish has something for every age group.


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