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Rachel Tucker

Rachel is a qualified vet but she has devoted much of her spare time to learning and developing her windsurfing skills.

It started with backpacking in the Dominican Republic where she came across a windy beach in Cabarete with a windsurfing centre.

Tuition of a Fish

Returning to England Rachel was surprised to find that yes; people really do windsurf in England!

She found the slightly less glamorous spot of Rickmansworth Aquadrome, close to University. Here she got her RYA Intermediate certificate under the tuition of a Fish graduate from Oz who told her all about Flying Fish.

Rachel picks up her own story:

Fed up with lectures

That summer I went to the coast at West Wittering where I managed to beg and borrow kit and got involved in the Student Windsurfing Association. Then, fed up with lectures, I decided to take a break and train as an instructor.

Next thing I was on my way out to Greece to do a Windsurf Instructor Fast-track with Flying Fish. I booked a one way ticket only, determined to stay overseas all summer and develop my skills.

More time on the water

It was such a great course and by working for the Club Vass restaurant, I got a job for the rest of the summer.

The way the shifts worked meant I got more time on the water than anyone and managed to get my teaching hours in to do the Intermediate instructor course by the end of the season.


Since my Flying Fish course everything windsurfing has just roller-coastered on. I've been challenged by huge waves at Rhosneiger, been on the Windsurf magazine wave test trip to Tenerife and on their freeride test trip to Dahab.

As far as teaching goes, I love the challenge of reading a group and trying to find the best ways to help people improve.

The feeling you get when you see your students flying around with a huge grin on their face is just like being on top of the world. Oh - If you can help them have that good a time they usually buy drinks afterwards, too!



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