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Toni Westlake

As an 18 year old Sydneysider, fresh out of high school, I was looking for something fun and entertaining to do.

My aim for the year was to be immersed in snow and become an instructor. Google found me the answer as it took me to Flying Fish.

Awesome people

The ski program in Whistler was incredible. I improved beyond what I imagined possible and met some seriously awesome people.

The instructors were crazy and my housemates were too. It made for an interesting and absolutely unforgettable experience.

Epic switch runs

Our training consisted of cliff drops, park runs, powder playgrounds, shooting through trees and falling...a lot. Even the Level One instructor course was a lot of fun, most lessons beginning and ending with snowball fights and some epic switch runs.

But you just can't go past the amazing people you meet there, with Drew Drive partying every night and shredding in a huge group on our days off; you honestly meet friends for life. Thus, my low point was when everyone started to leave.

Whistler local

Flying Fish gave me an opportunity to discover the meaning of being a true Whistler local as I took advantage of their free recruitment service and worked there after my course finished and lapped up the beautiful Canadian atmosphere for the season.

This course gave me the ability to go to a foreign country alone, and instantly feel at home. When I left the safety of Sydney airport I had no idea what life held in store for me, and my gap year. With the help of Flying Fish I was able to take every day as it came, and I loved it!


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