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William Hodder

Living in Cowes, I have known about the yachting industry ever since my early teens  - and also known of friends and friends of friends getting qualified on various courses and going to join a yacht. 

I spent two weeks with Flying Fish training as a steward then flew down to the South of France to hunt for my first job.

Meeting new people

I liked the sound of travelling, meeting new people and saving money at the same time in some great locations!

I had been told that being a male steward on board a superyacht in this industry would be a tough one to get into, but with my hairdressing and barbering skills I thought it would make me stand out from the rest of the job hunters.

The boat I'm on at the moment is a little smaller than I had originally wanted to start on (44m.) However, the chief and 2nd stew were so welcoming. Knowing I was green they were quick to give me hints to get me going.  I had worked for just two days before our first charter which went really well. There were nine crew in total, three deck, three interior, a chef, engineer and captain.

Typical day

A typical day on charter is up early (if I am on breakfast), a quick clean of the interior with a wipe down, set up breakfast, check the laundry, squeeze orange juice, and wait for the first guest to get up.

Then housekeeping later in the morning, with a two hour break after lunch before work till after dinner. I am usually up earliest and to bed the first as the two other stewardesses do the later shifts.

Off charter means keeping the boat to its full potential all through the season, as even though we had gaps in-between charters, we would always be on 12 hour standby. Basically the owners could turn up any time they wanted.

The tips are awesome

The tips are awesome and a great treat as you work so hard! You work hard for a good wage in itself so an extra tip from charter guests is great.

Lots of my friends are on private yachts where they don't get tipped at all as the owner charters it 24/7 so I was grateful for the tips that I got.

Time off

One of the best aspects is time off in-between charters.  We always go to a beach bar, have a good time there all day and then find a restaurant in the evening. Maybe go out after dinner to see the nightlife. 

It's also really good when you have friendly, great guests on board who are genuinely nice and fun to work for.  But being on anchor with no guests is also good fun as we're able to swim and use some of the boat's toys in the garage. 

Basically I'm loving it! 


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