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Andy Fairclough

Andy began his working life as an oceanographer, in an attempt to find a career path that would get him out on the water. He soon decided this wasn't enough fun and he gave it up to work as a sailing and windsurfing instructor in the UK.

After a winter break to train as a pilot in Florida he realised there was a market for similar training in the world of adventure sports. Shortly afterwards he met Andrew Lorant and they started to develop the Flying Fish concept of vocational sports training in the world's best locations. The first trip was to Barbados, to run a windsurfing instructor course.

20 years have passed since then and Flying Fish has developed into a flourishing international training business with a reputation for quality and innovation.

'I look back with fond memories on the early days in Barbados - I used to spend much more time windsurfing and less in the office!' says Andy. 'Today I am proud of what Flying Fish has become and I am grateful to our many excellent staff.'

Today he oversees the Flying Fish organisation in Sydney. Andy has a lifetime's experience as a watersports trainer and many thousands of miles logged sailing offshore. He still spends plenty of time each year out on the water, training instructors or skippering yachts.

His favourite sports are windsurfing, surfing and offshore racing. 'But,' he says, 'any time I spend working on the water is a privilege and definitely good for the soul.'


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