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Russell Bonner

After 10 years in the London design industry Russell decided to take a career break.

He says "I decided to trade the material comforts of mainstream life for the opportunity to acquire skills that would stay with me for life."

So, Russell joined Flying Fish to do a windsurf instructor traineeship in Vassiliki Greece.

He then spent time as an instructor in Greece and Spain before returning to Flying Fish to work as an instructor trainer.

Several years on Russell is Operations Director for Flying Fish Australia. He spends most of his year managing windsurfing, surfing and dinghy sailing in Sydney, where he takes an active part in training instructors. He is an RYA Windsurfing Trainer and Advanced Instructor, Dinghy Coach Assessor and Senior Instructor and a Power Boat Instructor.

Occasionally he can be found in the role of yacht instructor in Sydney Harbour. With the arrival of the Australian winter in May, Russell heads for Europe to join the Fish staff in Greece.


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