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Escape to windsurf

Escape to windsurf

If you want to escape for some serious time out to windsurf we recommend training as a windsurf instructor.

At Flying Fish we have been taking time out to go windsurfing since 1993.

Improve your skills

We know there is no better way to improve your own skills than to learn how to teach others.

Find windsurfing courses in Greece and Australia 

Professional training

We can take you from complete beginner up to RYA Windsurfing Instructor in just six weeks in Greece or Australia.  

If you are already using the harness and footstraps, you can jump on to a four week Instructor Fast-track or our two week Instructor Prep and Assessment course.  

Choose to train with Flying Fish in Greece or Australia and we will give you the qualifications and experience you need to start earning money from the sport you love.

Personal development

First, we guarantee to improve your performance on the water.

Next, if you are looking for a personal challenge, you won't find one more satisfying than learning the skills of an instructor: technical knowledge, safety awareness, communication skills, people management and motivation.

All these are transferable to any career, so the Flying Fish experience is highly effective as a personal development programme.

The next step

Now it's time to decide whether to do some more training, go travelling or look for an instructor job.

You can combine windsurfing with dinghy sailing on our Dinghy Sail/Windsurf Instructor Traineeship or become a PADI Divemaster or Mountain Bike Instructor to make the most of your career break.

Or team sea with snow and train as a ski or snowboard instructor on our Sea and Snow Instructor course.


If you want to find a job in windsurfing during your career break, we offer an effective online recruitment service.

Advice for windsurfing jobseekers

Find windsurfing courses in Greece and Australia


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