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Destinations and travel

Destinations and travel

Flying Fish goes to faraway places in search of sunshine, warm water and reliable wind.

All around the world

In the UK, Greece and Australia we train professional instructors of water sports.

At our home bases in the UK and Australia we deliver vocational courses for commercial maritime professionals, yacht skippers and crew.

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Adventure of a lifetime

If you just want a personal challenge, we also welcome recreational adventure seekers to train alongside the professionals

Join Flying Fish for the adventure of a lifetime. Or a lifetime of adventure.

Sydney, Australia

The Flying Fish Sail Academy is based at Middle Harbour Yacht Club in Sydney at the centre of the Australian sailing world. 

Cowes, UK

Flying Fish UK in Cowes can take you from beginner to superyacht crew and start you on the path to professional Yachtmaster. 

Vassiliki Greece

Flying Fish Greece trains water sports instructors in Vassiliki, one of Europe's top spots for windsurfing, diver training and high performance dinghy sailing.

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