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Mountain biking in Greece

Mountain biking in Greece

The trails around Vassiliki on the Greek Island of Lefkas vary from gentle rides through the olive groves to challenging technical tracks and world class downhill terrain. 

Take time out to ride with Flying Fish in Greece. We guarantee to improve your skills off road with top class coaching in a superb coastal location.

Ready to go pro?

If you are ready to devote some serious time to your sport you should train as mountain bike instructor and leader.

There is no better way to improve your personal performance than to spend a few weeks in the company of enthusiasts working towards a professional qualification.

To learn advanced trail techniques, route planning and maintenance skills, check out our Mountain Bike Instructor courses in Vassiliki

Get a bike job

As an instructor you can devote yourself to mountain biking full time.

There are job opportunities in Canada, the USA and Europe - both in the Alps and in Mediterranean beach resorts, where many water sports operators offer mountain bikes as a no-wind alternative to sailing.

Many summer camps in the United States have mountain biking as a main outdoor activity and they hire mountain bike guides and instructors every summer.

In Europe and Canada, winter sports resorts offer mountain biking as a summer activity.

A summer in Greece

After you qualify with Flying Fish in Greece, you may even be offered work at Club Vass or Wildwind.

Although best known for their high-wind sailing and windsurfing, Club Vass and Wildwind cater for mountain bikers too, with an impressive choice of trails immediately behind the beach.

Advice for mountain bike jobseekers

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