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Had an awesome season working as a Ski Instructor in Canada with Timberline.

View image 17 May 2016 | Posted by: James

Hi everyone,

I just wanted to share an experience I had with a 'Gap Year' company I used this winter in Banff, Canada to get my Ski Instructor Certifications. I used this smaller company called Timberline Canadian Alpine Academy. I enrolled in their Instructor Internship Program. The company is run by two really nice local guys named Brett and James. They had jobs as instructors lined up for us before we arrived and we got the absolute best training while we were there! Many of their competitors seem to put their clients up in hotels or hostels. Brett and James had us sorted with proper houses and apartments in the city centre. Its a season long program so having your own place was ideal over staying in an overcrowded hostel or hotel. We went on lot's of fun group trips together, learned avalanche rescue, wilderness first aid skills and even had a Christmas Dinner together complete with Moose! This is a great local company run by guys who really care about their clients. I would recommend them 10 out of 10! Their website is

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