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Message from Wildwind in Vassiliki. Crisis, what crisis?

View image 9 July 2015 | Posted by: Simon

Sitting here this evening looking out to sea over Vassiliki bay with the beautiful islands of Kefalonia and Ithaca in the distance, it is difficult to reconcile the peace and tranquillity here with the sometimes bewildering stories about Greece in some of the media.

If you were a tourist here at the moment you wouldn’t know that there was a 'Greek crisis’. Tuesday night’s Wildwind BBQ and live music was as busy as ever, the wind is blowing, the sun is shining, there is cash in the ATM’s, food in the restaurants, clients in the bars – in fact life goes on completely normally.

Of course, if you are coming out here then there are precautions that you should consider, but these are no more than common sense and would apply no matter where you were travelling in the world, keeping a supply of cash in case there is any problems and take credit/debit cards with you.

Our beach bars and restaurants are still accepting plastic, as are most of the restaurants and shops – Samba Tours, the travel agency who organise airport transfers, coaches and taxis are fully open for business and money exchange.

As a father myself of a very young family I’ve no hesitation in having my kids come out here as soon as the school holidays start (I can’t wait!)

The one thing you might want to take into account is that if you have a need for a specific medication then to bring a supply with you rather than relying on it being locally available.

Looking forward to seeing you on the beach and on the water!

Best wishes
Simon Morgan
Wildwind Founder and Overseas Director

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