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Race on Sydney Harbour with the Friendliest and Most Accessible Yacht Club (BPYC.COM.AU)

View image 4 November 2016 | Posted by: Duncan

Blues Point Yacht Club (BPYC) is looking new members and yachts to join the friendliest and most accessible yacht club on the harbour.
We don't own the flashest yachts and certainly not the most serious crews - but if you are after fun, aggression-free racing in a club that welcomes all – BPYC is the club for you.
BPYC races on Saturdays or Sundays every 2-3 weeks, has spectacular prizes and trophies and with the lowest membership & race entry costs on the harbour. The club also organises community / social events including our Christmas Party and Cruise to Pittwater.
For more details check out our irreverent website http://WWW.BPYC.COM.AU or give Duncan a call on 0417942290.

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