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Vass Summer 2015

21 September 2015 | Posted by: Lydia

I was in Vass for 4 weeks this summer as a break before starting a new career, and had a fantastic time. The instructors, Andy, Jake and Chubsey really know their stuff and you really do improve your skills so quickly - I went from beginner windsurfer to getting in the harness in stronger winds. Sometimes the course was tough, but they were so supportive and I could always wander into the Flyingfish office when I needed a chat! I met some great people in the Fish house and we had some really memorable Saturday road trips and evenings out - would definitely recommend this company for those of all ages, whether you're a gap year student or on a career break like I was. I'm hoping to go out again next summer so hopefully will see the team again then! Thanks to all!

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