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Mountain biking

Mountain biking

Whether you ride regularly or haven't been on a bike for years, the trails around Vassiliki on the Greek Island of Lefkas will soon have you back in the saddle.

Develop off-road skills

With Flying Fish Greece you can train as an instructor - or you can simply enjoy top coaching to develop your off-road skills and take on some more challenging trails.

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For everyone

With every imaginable terrain, from cruising on tarmac to challenging single tracks, from short loops to long trails, the riding here is for everyone.

Although mountain biking demands a degree of fitness and balance, it is mostly about bike handling ability.

Good tuition will improve your technique and massively boost your confidence.

Best riding

The best riding is usually found off the beaten track, so self-sufficiency is a big part of this sport.

To learn advanced trail skills, route planning, maintenance and first aid see our Mountain Bike Instructor courses.

Or simply enjoy recreational mountain biking on all our sailing, diving and windsurfing courses in Greece.

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