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First graduates pass Yachtmaster Power Course

The first graduates of our new Yachtmaster Power Course came away with certificates in hand and anticipated excitement in the progression of their superyacht career.

Our new Yachtmaster Power Course is designed to help Deckhands and Stewardesses advance up the career ladder onto bigger boats, more responsibility and more pay.

Yachtmaster Power Course

Coming off the course, graduates will have the ability to apply for positions and job opportunities such as Lead Deckhand, Chase Boat Captain or Bosun. This course is also a necessary step to become an Officer of the Watch.

Flying Fish bought the Jeanneau Prestige 36 specifically for this course which is based in Cowes, Isle of Wight. This harbour provides the perfect opportunity to not only head out into the busy Solent for some cruising, but also practice docking in various conditions in the many marinas around the area.

The boat itself is ideal for getting to grips with twin screw handling, similar to what you will find on superyachts.

Jason Jarrett, who completed his Deckhand Course with us a few years ago, returned to gain his RYA Yachtmaster Power certificate.

Hey Jason, what have you been up to since your Deckhand Course?

Since finishing the Deckhand Course I moved to Antibes to look for work. After meeting the agencies and getting day work I found myself a job on a 54m charter boat which I spent a year on. I then took a couple of months out of yachting to travel.

The next thing I did was join an 83m charter boat as a temporary deckhand, I spent around 5 months on that boat.

How did you find the Yachtmaster Power Course?

I found the Yachtmaster Power Course great! It was challenging at times but I learnt so much during it.

Handling a boat that size was new to me but our instructor Andy really did a great job of taking us through everything we need to know.

The theory side of it I found the most difficult as there just so much to learn with the tidal heights of secondary ports and so on. However once Andy had engraved that all into my brain it was fine, but I’m sure there is still a lot to learn!

What is your plan next?

Coming back to the UK to do the course means I can spend the summer at home with the family which is really nice. I’ll start applying for work again toward the end of August and will be looking for a Lead Deckhand or Bosun position.

Congratulations to Jason for passing his Yachtmaster Power Course! If you’d like to follow in his footsteps, get in touch with our training advisers.

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