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Why it’s a great time to be a Watersports Instructor!

If you like watersports then you will love the latest craze that’s literally flying over the water!

Windsurf foiling is the act of taking an aeroplane wing on a stick then strapping it under your board. Windsurf foiling is the newest fad to hit the world of Windsurfing, foiling has already been around in Dinghy sailing for a few years. The latest grand prix performance sailing yachts are fitted with foils too.  We are now starting to see Windsurfers foiling too. So is foiling here to stay?

Windsurf Foiling and Dinghy Foiling

Windsurf Foil and Dinghy Foil

Is it a water sports game changer?

How could it not be?! It’s like flying on water! High winds or low winds, slow or fast, it’s a sensational feeling!

Foiling has created a great new buzz in the watersports industry, bringing riders who have been out of the game for a few years back into it. It means it’s a great time to train as a Watersports Instructor with more people interested in trying out this recreational sport and it’s new possibilities! The sport made it to America’s Cup and is set to revolutionise sailing disciplines within the Olympics.


How hard is foiling?

Before participating in this sport you will need to be at a good level in the watersports industry. For example, for windsurfers, it’s recommended to be at the higher intermediate stage before trying foiling. You would need to be fully confident and competent in both a harness and footstraps to even be able to control the foil.

Here at Flying Fish we hope that as the technology progresses more beginner friendly foils will be created as we want you all to experience this amazing sport! Who knows, in the future there could be a day that complete beginners step straight onto a foil board from day one!

How will it change the water sports industry that we know and love?

Instruction is important in the early stages, primarily to keep the rider safe. Lower ratios of students on a course are important, as foilers need more space and careful one-to-one instruction.

Headset coaching is the best way to facilitate learning on the water and Flying Fish will be using these to coach all students in 2018!

The RYA is piloting a Foiling Instructor Scheme which will allow qualified Dinghy and Windsurfing Instructor to upgrade to Foiling Instructors and teach this new dimension of water sports. Who wants to be one of the first Foiling Instructors on the water?

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