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My first year in the Superyacht Industry by Hannah Brown

We have been catching up with one of our students from one of last year’s STCW Superyacht Deck Crew Training Courses Hannah Brown to see how she has found her first year in the Superyacht industry.

Hannah told us that she had been getting on brilliantly, “I am still working in the industry and I LOVE it” says Hannah.
“I started out in Antibes last year (2016) late July early August and picked up for short term temp contract work relatively quickly. This came about through the agencies they were a massive help in finding work but a lot of day work came from word of mouth and getting out there chatting to people. This came to an end early November where I returned to the UK as the Med went quite for day work.
The winter season typically sees crew move to the Caribbean due to the warmer weather. Hannah spent the winter months looking for a job for the start of the 2017 season as she didn’t have visa for the Caribbean.
“I was still looking for work over winter via my online agencies and that is how I landed my next job. I have been on a huge yacht now for nearly 3 months on a permanent position and it’s amazing learning so much doing a shipyard period and really getting stuck into it all. “
“The one thing I have to say about the industry is that it all about chatting to people and being a female deckhand can be really hard but just grin and bear it and you’ll find your way. Also, I think you have to go big with the size of the yacht first to get the experience and a chance to build up sea time/shipyard experience to then be able to go for the smaller yachts and or charter boats.”
“Getting my first year out the way and gets as much knowledge as possible and then maybe look at more qualifications and then look for the more ideal job for me on a 60-90 metre yacht. “
Hannah has had a fantastic first year & we wish her lots of success in her new career.


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