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Why I became a Watersports Instructor

Amy Peacock, 18 from Leeds decided to take some time out before university to learn a new skill and fulfil a dream of working on the beach as a Watersports instructor. Amy had spent years on water sports holidays with her as a child and seen the life that the Instructors enjoyed working on the beach and wanted the lifestyle that a Watersports instructor enjoyed, here is Amy’s story.

What were you doing before your course?

Before my Instructor’s course I was at school in Leeds studying for my A-level’s in math’s, biology and chemistry. For years I wanted to become a Windsurfing Instructor, once I had finished my A-levels I signed up with Flying fish to perfect my windsurfing and have some me time.

become a windsurfing Instructor

Why did you decide to become an RYA Windsurfing Instructor?

I decided to become a windsurfing instructor after many family Windsurfing holidays with Mum and Dad. My Dad is a keen Windsurfer, this is how I got the bug. Over the years I developed a love for windsurfing, the beach lifestyle and the endless summer and wanted more.

Last summer I got to know the Instructors in resort. A few were going to Uni after the summer, others followed the sun. I found out about their journey and how they became Windsurfing Instructors. All were very positive about teaching Windsurfing, the lifestyle and working in resort. At the end of my holiday I had decided I wanted to work as a Windsurfing instructor and I could go back to the Med during my summer break from university!

Why did you choose Flying Fish in Vassiliki to complete your training?

I had been to Vass on holiday and learnt about the course run by Flying fish when one of my friends decided to do the course in 2017.  I spoke to other instructors and staff and learnt more about the course which everyone seemed to rave about (a lot of staff out there have been on a Flying fish course themselves). The fact that Vassiliki is an amazing place made Flying fish the clear choice.

become a windsurf instructor

What was the highlight of the course?

When I knew I had pretty much nailed the Water Start! It meant I was no longer scared of falling in now that I can waterstart and get back onto the board. It gave me the confidence to try new tricks and sail further away from the beach.

I love the people, everybody in Vass is there to learn and have a good time. The conditions are amazing, light winds in the morning and cross shore in the afternoon. We were able to go mountain biking in the mornings, stand up paddle boarding or join in with the Yoga and fitness sessions. The Friday night barbecues at Club Vass and the socials with the whole team was a big highlight for me. Flying Fish made were making a video during my course so I will always be able to look back at my experience in Greece to remind me of the highlights.

How did your personal windsurfing skills improve during your time in Vass?

My personal windsurfing improved massively over the summer and I’m now happy on almost any kit. I became a lot more comfortable on bigger kit and even sailed an 8.5m sail which was way more than I’d been on in previous years. I now feel comfortable planing in both foot straps and am happy to try anything including some freestyle moves.

What was the hardest thing about the course?

The hardest thing was probably trying to design a presentation for the assessment week. However, the instructors gave us tips and advice whenever we asked and we did loads practice presentations which really helped to boost our confidence going into the real thing. In all honesty the hardest thing was leaving to go home!

Flying fish at club vass BBQ

What qualification did you gain?

I gained my RYA Start Windsurfing Instructor qualification as well as my RYA Powerboat level 2 and RYA First aid. I also gained my RYA Intermediate planing as a personal qualification.

watersports instructor greece

What are you doing now?

I am now studying medicine at the University of Birmingham but continue to windsurf at least once a week with the university windsurf club and attend the SWA events around the country. I even bumped into my roommate from this summer at one of the events, small world.

What are you planning to do next?

I am planning to apply to several companies for a job as a windsurfing instructor this summer, hopefully in Vassiliki but I would be happy in resort – as long as it is sunny. I also plan to upgrade to the RYA intermediate Windsurfing Instructor qualification at some point in the next few years.

What would you say to anyone thinking of booking a Flying Fish Windsurfing Instructor Course?

I would say go for it! Even if you haven’t done any windsurfing before, there are options for beginners. It is a great way to spend your summer and you come out with qualifications that can be used back at home and abroad. If you’re looking for something to fill your summer or even a job in something really cool and exciting this is the perfect thing to do.

gap year with Flying fish in greece

How would you summarise the whole experience?

Absolutely incredible, the best summer of my life!

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