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Working as a Watersports Instructor – Max Rowe

Max Rowe spends half his time as a Professional Windsurfer and the other as Beach Front Manager for one of the worlds best windsurfing centres, Club Vass located in Vassiliki Greece.

His career all started when he completed a Flying Fish Course. From the experience, qualifications and certificates he gained Max was able to find a job working as a windsurfing instructor. From there he has dedicated the last decade to windsurfing and coaching, working his way up to become one of the world’s best freestyle windsurfers and a senior staff member at Club Vass.

The Interview

Name: Max Rowe

Job: Professional Windsurfer / Club Vass Beach Manager

Sponsors: Simmer Style, Club Vass, SunGod & Mystic

Why did you choose to do a Flying Fish Course?

I’d been out to Club Vass on holiday and saw the lifestyle of the instructors working out there on the beach and saw the Flying Fish Course as the perfect gateway into that life.

What’s special about Vassiliki?

The atmosphere when the wind kicks in is pretty unique because it can come from nowhere; it creates an incredible vibe out on the water! Also, the Club Vass BBQ’s are a great way to end the week with all guests and staff partying together.

What is your fondest memory of your Flying Fish Course?

I really enjoyed the people, parties, and the sailing conditions in Vassiliki were epic, it is amazing how you can improve so much in a short period of time. I managed to land my first Vulcan (aerial freestyle move) during the course!

Completing the Flying Fish Course and getting my qualifications in Vassiliki gave me a great start in this industry, and allowed me to earn money at the same time!

What life lessons did you learn on your Flying Fish course?

Wow where to start with that one, I’m sure some of them are best kept for personal reflection 😉 But one that stands out is first getting a grip for the balance of working hard and playing hard.

What has becoming a Windsurfing Instructor allowed you to do?

It has allowed me to have the most incredible opportunity of spending the last 11 years getting paid to travel the world windsurfing.

What has been the highlight of your career so far?

Finishing 2014 ranked 14th overall in the world freestyle rankings and 5th in Europe.

Who has been a role model for you along the way?

All the guys already working out in Vass when I started have been great role models and really took me under their wing and showed me the way. I definitely owe a lot of thanks Andy “Bubble” Chambers, Ollie Scott and Colin Dixon they really helped to shape my career and get me going in the right direction!

Max Rowe Windsurf Instructor

What’s the hardest thing about your job?

Convincing my friends back home that I have a real job do actually have to work hard!

What would you say to anyone thinking about working in watersports?

Just go for it! You won’t regret starting a career in this industry!

Follow in the footsteps of Max and start your career in the watersports industry…you never you know where it might take you.

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