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1 Day
Cowes, Isle Of Wight


Proficiency in Designated Security Duties Course is for crew members who are required to perform a security-related duty onboard a ship or Superyacht. The one-day, MCA approved Course provides the essential training to enable you to perform you role onboard.

Security related training

Chapter X1-2 of SOLAS (Safety of Life at Sea) requires that all vessels over 500 gross tonnes (around 50 meters) are to comply with the I.S.P.S code which means vessels must maintain adequate security onboard at all times. To satisfy the requirements, vessels produce a ship security plan outlining what measures the ship will take to minimise the risk of unauthorised persons getting onboard. The ship security plan will involve having a number of trained crew onboard who are able to perform the security duties outlined within the plan.

Those crew members will need to complete this Proficiency in Designated Security Duties Course to familiarise themselves with the roles and responsibilities onboard.

Starting a career at Sea

If you are about to start a career at sea then we recommend you complete this one-day course qualifying you to undertake security-related duties on-board your ship or Superyacht. This is a great qualification to add to your CV.

The Proficiency in Security Duties course is included as part of our Superyacht Deckhand Course and Superyacht Steward/ess Course.

This course is mandatory for anybody engaged in armed or unarmed maritime security work onboard commercial ships or Superyachts.



  • MCA approved certificate.
  • Course notes.

Dates & pricing

Sorry, there are currently no dates scheduled for this course.

Pre-requisite experience and qualifications

None, however, you must be 18 years old or older to enrol on this course.

Full itinerary

The course starts at 8:30am and will finish at 5:30pm. The course is classroom-based with team exercises and scenarios that you will work through based on likely events. During the day your instructor will cover the following:

  • Overview of maritime security, terms, piracy and armed robbery
  • Maritime security policy, who is responsible and other roles onboard
  • Security levels and procedures onboard
  • Security reporting procedures
  • Requirements for mandatory drills and exercises
  • The ship security plan and how it is implemented
  • Security documentation and the Declaration of Security
  • Group exercises
  • Recognition of potential security threats, weapons and hazardous substances
  • Security equipment

Related courses

If you are starting a new career then you will need to complete your STCW Basic Safety Training course, mandatory for anybody wishing to work at sea.