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Working on superyachts is a dream job: it will change your life forever. You get to travel the world on a beautiful yacht, meet some fantastic people, and the salary is not bad either!

The average salary for a new Deckhand or Steward/ess ranges from €1,800 to €3,000 per month, depending on the type and size of the yacht and this income can be tax-free too. On top of that are the tips! If you end up on a charter yacht then you can easily double your salary during the charter season. Working on a Superyacht can be hard work with long hours but very rewarding and for many the start of a career!

The Superyacht season kicks off in the Mediterranean anytime between February and May, however, as the Superyacht industry goes from strength to strength with bigger and bigger yachts, the demand for new crew increases. There are more yachts on order that are over 100m in length than ever before, all requiring qualified crew.  The employment window is changing too, with some new crew landing their dream job in the middle of summer. Most crew start out with day work, helping busy crews prepare their boat for the season, charter or event, while others land a job through a crew agent, dock walking, social media or a contact in the industry. The yachts then head over to the Caribbean around October time, and it is at this time when the next recruitment drive begins.  If you would like to see what life is like on a Superyacht, then this video sums up life onboard:

The role of a Deckhand

As a Deckhand, your responsibility is to maintain and clean the exterior of the yacht, its tenders, its Jet Skis and any other toys the yacht may have on-board. You will be interacting with guests and owners to make sure their time onboard is beyond expectations. Flying Fish have developed a course that gives you everything you need to get started. If you fancy a career as a Deckhand, then look at our Superyacht Deckhand course.

Or a Steward/Stewardess?

The role of a Steward/ess can be varied, however, your main duty is the meticulous cleaning of the interior of the yacht. A Stewardess will serve food and drinks to guests, looking after their every need. You will rub shoulders with the rich and famous and travel the world. Flying Fish have a course that teaches you all you need to become a Steward/ess from silver service to making cocktails. If this is what you are looking for, then see our Superyacht Stewardess course.

How do I get started?

The minimum Basic Qualification required is the STCW Course. All of our courses include these certificates.  For more information on whats included watch this video.

Flying Fish: What is STCW? from Flying Fish Sail.

Finding that dream job

Flying Fish deliver regular recruitment days in Antibes, France for all graduates of our Superyacht Deck and Steward/ess courses. This day is exclusively for Flying Fish customers and is included within the package. The day is designed to complement our course, delivered by our industry expert who lives in France and works for a major Recruitment agent. The day provides the knowledge you need to start looking for that dream job.

Train to become a Deckhand

2 weeks from £2,240

Superyacht Deckhand Course

This two-week course provides the essential qualifications needed to enter the Superyacht industry as a Deckhand, including STCW Basic Safety Training

More information

Or train to become a Steward or Stewardess

2 weeks from £2,270

Superyacht Steward or Stewardess Course

For a career as a Steward or Stewardess on a Superyacht

More information

STCW Basic Training: The Minimum Requirement

1 Week from £760

STCW Basic Safety Training

A STCW is required for anyone wishing to work on a commercial vessel greater than 24 m in length, our STCW Course is for one week.

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