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Join Flying Fish and start your career

Flying Fish Superyacht Deckhand Course gives you the essential qualifications required to enter the Superyacht industry as a Deckhand. Working on a Superyacht is an exciting and well-paid career option for those who like to live life outdoors.

The role of a Superyacht Deckhand

A Deckhand is the entry level position for most crew looking to work on Superyachts. A Deckhand’s role will be varied, however, the first responsibility for a Deckhand is the meticulous cleaning and maintenance of the exterior of the yacht, which must be kept in pristine condition at all times. You may pitch in and help the Interior crew during busy turn arounds.

Deckhand cleaning crew

During maintenance periods, you will help out with some of the routine maintenance tasks that can’t be done while on charter, including: varnishing, painting, Awlgrip and repairing the various toys, like Jet Skis, which the yacht will have onboard.

Do I need any experience to become a Superyacht Deckhand?

Its fair to say that most Superyacht crew don’t come from a boating background. However, any experience in water sports, diving or sailing will help. What is common among crew is the desire to work outdoors in the sunshine.

Having no yachting experience should not be a barrier. If you like travelling then working overseas in the Med or Caribbean will be exciting. It is important to have good work ethic and able to think outside the box. The biggest quality the Superyacht Captain looks for is attitude. If you have a good, positive attitude then you will go far.

Superyacht Deckhands

How do I become a Superyacht Deckhand?

There are a few mandatory qualifications required by all crew. Then you will need key skills and understanding of the role of a Deckhand if you want to find that dream job.
We like break down the journey to become a Superyacht Deckhand into four stages:

  1. Complete your ENG 1 medical, a requirement for all crew who want to work on yachts.
  2. Complete your STCW Basic Safety Training, a minimum requirement for all professional yacht crew
  3. Experience. On our Deckhand programme we teach you what you need know to do you day job. Everything from VHF radio, rope work, security training to Power Boat Level 2  and PWC.
  4. Recruitment. From CV writing, interview techniques, to our recruitment site, contacts in the industry and our exclusive recruitment day in Antibes. Flying Fish help you find that dream job

Our Superyacht Deckhand course combines everything you need into a all inclusive two week course.

Finding that dream job

Flying Fish deliver regular recruitment days in Antibes, France for all graduates of our Superyacht Deckhand and Steward/ess courses. This day is exclusively for Flying Fish customers and is included within the package.

The day is designed to complement our course, delivered by our industry expert who lives in France and works for a major recruitment agent. The day provides the knowledge you need to start looking for that dream job.

Flying Fish recruitment day - Antibes
Recruitment day – Antibes

All the skills you need in one 2 week course

2 weeks from £2,240

Superyacht Deckhand Course

This 2 week course provides the essential qualifications needed to enter the Superyacht industry as a Deckhand, including STCW Basic Safety Training.

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STCW Basic Training: The Minimum Requirement

1 Week from £760

STCW Basic Safety Training

STCW is the minimum basic safety training requirement for anyone wishing to work on a commercial vessel greater than 24m in length. Our STCW Course is for one week.

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