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Your living expenses

Your living expenses

Some people join Flying Fish with a lot of spending money but most are on a budget.

If you stay in our accommodation you will share a kitchen with housemates from your course or event and you can eat quite cheaply.

Expenses in the UK

In the UK your accommodation ashore is self-catering. You should budget for evenings out and for occasional meals away from base. We recommend a minimum of £130 a week.

When you are staying on board your food is provided but if there is a crew decision to eat in the pub you will be expected to pay your bill.

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Australia and Greece

In Australia or Greece you will stay in shared, self-catering accommodation. Because the training takes place in a tourist environment, you may be tempted to pay a lot for food and entertainment.

We recommend €250 a week in Greece, $350 in Australia. If you can afford more you will find it easy to spend, but it won’t be strictly necessary.

As in the UK, when you are living on a yacht your food will be provided but you will have to pay for occasional meals ashore.


Whistler Blackcomb is not renowned as a cheap location but if you spend a few weeks here you will learn how to live on a budget.

$350 is a sensible weekly figure to start with.

This country has an established tipping culture and this applies to trainee instructors as much as anyone else. Hold back some of your weekly budget to tip the staff!

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