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12 Weeks
Vasiliki, Greece
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Our Dinghy and Windsurf Instructor Traineeship combines both skills giving you plenty of time on the water to develop your skills as both sailor and windsurfer. At Flying Fish, we take you from beginner or early intermediate to dual-qualified instructor in just 12 weeks.

Course programme

Being a duel-qualified instructor will open up more employment opportunities and provide a varied career path. Our instructors are all professional Windsurfers and Dinghy sailors, very experienced and passionate about their sport. The course is split into two six-week sections. Phase 1 covers the Dinghy Instructors Course, and Phase 2 covers the Windsurfing Instructors Course.

Our Dinghy and Windsurfing traineeship is based at Club Vass in Vasiliki, Greece arguably one of the best Windsurfing and Dinghy sailing locations in the Europe.

A typical training day in Greece

You start at 07:00 with either fitness training (3 days a week), mountain biking or yoga. Training day starts 10:00am. There will be 3 hours of tuition before lunch then the same in the afternoon rounding up with a debrief at 17:00. You train six days a week in Greece, with Sundays free to enjoy Vasiliki. Life off the water is just as exciting as life on, when the sun goes down Vasiliki comes alive. The Club Vass and Wildwind BBQ’s and entertainment shows are legendary.


  • Equipment, tuition, publications and certification.
  • Flying Fish Team Branded Rash Vest
  • Stand up Paddleboarding
  • Free online recruitment service.
  • Flights to Greece.
  • Accommodation.

Dates & pricing

Starts Ends Location(s) Availability
27/05/2018 18/08/2018 Vassiliki Lefkas Greece Available
Price £4,790
Required deposit £250
Or, please hold my space for 48 hours
Optional add-ons
£1,800Shared self-catering accommodation
£450Round trip flight from London
£480Round trip flight from Manchester

Pre-requisite experience and qualifications

You must be 18 years of age to train with Flying Fish. If you are 17 years of age, you are able to join the course under parental supervision.

There are no formal pre-course skill requirements and we can accept you on this programme as a beginner. However, you will benefit from having mastered the basics of at least one of the sports before you join us.

Please note that you need to complete the online RYA “Safe and Fun” course before you take your instructor assessment. As an instructor, you are required to be an RYA member.

Full itinerary

We fly you to Greece, check you into our accommodation, the Fish House, introduce you to the lovely town of Vasiliki and allow you to settle in before training begins the following day.

Phase 1 – Dinghy Instructors Course

Our Dinghy instructors course covers the first four weeks. It provides intensive foundation training in Dinghy sailing, including on-water coaching, first aid and Powerboat Level 2 qualifications. You focus on personal skills development, sailing every day under the guidance of our expert coaches. You then move into our two-week prep and assessment phase preparing you for and getting you through the Dinghy Instructors Course.

Week 1 and 2

Learn to sail. Here we are going to teach you the basics both on and off the water, from rigging the boat to sailing a triangle course, progressing towards your RYA level 3 qualification in Dinghy sailing. We will introduce you to high wind sailing, capsize drills, distance sailing and seamanship skills.

Weeks 3 and 4

You start off with personal tuition working on your skills and practising new ones aiming towards the advanced dinghy modules, RYA Powerboat Level 2, plus rescue training to familiarise yourself with techniques used in high wind training centres. You will also complete the RYA First Aid Course. Video coaching techniques, sail away trips, racing and coaching skills and high wind blasting on performance dinghies.

Weeks 5 – Instructor preparation week

RYA safety and fun course. Learning and teaching styles, demonstration skills (learn the power of demo) Pre-Instructor course questionnaire sessions, practice presentations, how to give feedback. Close quarter sailing skills and boat handling, rudderless sailing and final coaching session before pre-assessment.

Week 6 –  Dinghy Instructors course

Pre-assessment. An RYA Dinghy Coach/assessor will evaluate your skills and teaching techniques in preparation for the Instructors course. The following four days is your Dinghy Instructors course, allowing you the opportunity to showcase your sailing ability and teaching style ashore and afloat.

Phase 2 – Windsurfing Instructors Course

The second part of the course is our six-week Windsurfing instructor course. Designed for the beginner windsurfer, we will take you through the basics before introducing more advanced skills and planning techniques. Many of the instructional skills learnt during your Dinghy Instructors course can be transferred over to Windsurfing. The course is designed to allow maximum time on the water for developing personal skills. At the end of this phase, you will finish with your Windsurfing Instructors certificate and be ready to enter the industry as a dual-qualified instructor.

Weeks 7 and 8

The first two weeks of the Windsurfing course provide professional foundation training; here you will learn all the fundamental skills, we teach you the basics of the sport, the kit you use, how to rig a windsurf sail to tacking and gybing. This will cover all the theory knowledge to get you up to RYA Intermediate standard.

Weeks 9 and 10

Powerboat Rescue Training, to become familiar with rescuing Windsurfers. Personal Windsurf tuition from Intermediate to Advanced Level, Windsurf Instructor Skill development, video coaching sessions plus lots of fitness.

Week 11

RYA Safety and fun course. Demonstration techniques, learning styles and teaching skills, practice presentations and giving feedback, personal skills practice, close quarter board handling and coaching techniques.

Week 12 – Instructors course

Start Instructor assessment week, you will be given the opportunity demonstrate to deliver practical sessions with feedback. After this week, you will be competent at delivering all components of the RYA teaching syllabus.

Related courses

For anybody who is looking to work as a Dinghy or Windsurfing instructor after Flying Fish, then we recommend that you join our Instructor Development programme, two weeks of organised work experience with a Watersports Centre in Vasiliki which starts after your Instructors Course.