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11 Weeks
Vassiliki, Greece


Our Intermediate Windsurfing Instructor Course takes you from a Beginner to an Intermediate Windsurfing Instructor in 11 weeks. You will leave as a confident Windsurfing Instructor with the knowledge of how to teach high wind sailing.

About this course

With the Intermediate Instructor qualification, you are able to teach beginners the beach start, how to use the harness and foot straps as well as high wind skills. Being an Intermediate Instructor enables you to teach a wider range of skills to sailors with different ability levels. It also gives you a greater of getting a job at one of the amazing high wind centre’s around the world.

The RYA have split the Intermediate Instructor qualification into two separate competencies; non-planing or planing Instructor. Our Intermediate Instructors Course will qualify you as a non-planing Instructor.

To progress to an RYA Intermediate Planing Instructor your personal skills will need to be at RYA Advanced level and you will need to be able to demonstrate that you can complete a planing carve gybe. The conditions in Vassiliki are exceptional and for many customers, it is possible to achieve the planing carve gybe and be signed off as an RYA Intermediate planing Instructor in 11 weeks.

The RYA Intermediate Instructor qualification is the pre-requisite to the RYA Windfoil Instructor Course.

Why Flying Fish?

What makes training with Flying Fish unique is the training location. All our Windsurfing Instructor courses are run in at Club Vass in the beautiful Vassiliki bay, Greece. You will benefit from the brand new kit that Club Vass buy each year. The equipment is rigged and ready to go so you choose what sail and board you would like and off you go. Club Vass have over 300 boards, sails, paddleboards to choose from, you will get to experience different sail and board combinations to see what works best.

BSUPA SUP Instructor Course now included

We recognise that SUP is the fastest growing and most popular water sport in the world.  We aim to make you more employable by giving you the skills and qualifications to teach SUP all over the world.  BSUPA Level 1 Paddleboard Instructor qualification is now included on our Windsurf Instructor Course, High Wind Windsurf Instructor Course and on our Dinghy and Windsurf Instructor Course.

Training in Greece

Our schedule has you training 6 days a week between 10am and 5pm. We also offer optional fitness training twice a week at 8am when you can enjoy mountain biking, SUP, circuits, swimming or yoga. There will be 3 hours of tuition before lunch then the same in the afternoon rounding up with a debrief at 5pm. The equipment is available to use after sessions and in your own time. You will have Saturdays off to enjoy Vassiliki and the stunning Island of Lefkada.

Life off the water is just as exciting as life on it when the sun goes down Vassiliki comes alive, with great dining and socialising in town. The Club Vass and Wildwind BBQs and entertainment shows are legendary and are not to be missed!


If you choose our accommodation option, you’ll be staying in the famously known Fish House in Vassiliki town, close to the bars, restaurants and supermarkets. The Fish House is in the heart of the action and only a 10-minute walk from the training centre, Club Vass.

The Flying Fish Windsurfing and Dinghy Sailing programmes are so well-liked and our customers have such an amazing time that many don’t come home, instead of spending the rest of the season in Greece working for one of the holiday companies in the beautiful Greek Islands.


  • RYA Start Windsurfing Instructor Course
  • RYA Intermediate Windsurfing Instructor Course
  • RYA Powerboat Level 2 and rescue training
  • RYA First Aid training with scenarios
  • RYA Safe and Fun Course
  • All RYA publications and certificates
  • Full tuition up to advanced level from our highly experienced team
  • Unlimited kit hire at Club Vass
  • Fitness training including, SUP, swim, yoga and mountain bike options
  • Mentored work experience

Dates & pricing

Sorry, there are currently no dates scheduled for this course.

Pre-requisite experience and qualifications

You just need to have done enough windsurfing to know that you want to be able to teach it to a high level.

  • You need to be 18 years old or over to join this course
  • Travel insurance is compulsory for all customers booked onto this course
  • Before the final week of your course, you will need to join the RYA.

Full itinerary

Beginner to Intermediate Course schedule:

Weeks 1 and 2: Learning the Basics

  • All the skills required to get you to RYA Intermediate standard
  • Beach starts, using the foot straps
  • Theory: weather, tides, 7 common senses, rules of the road
  • Windsurfing upwind and downwind
  • Rigging sails, types of boards, fins and harnesses
  • Using the harnessing in strong winds
  • Short board blasting
  • Video coaching to help improve techniques
  • Morning SUP skills, races and trips.
  • Optional fitness sessions: Yoga, Circuits, MTB, Swim and Stretch

Weeks 3 and 4: Skills Development 

  • RYA Powerboat Level 2, rescue training and boat setup
  • RYA First Aid training
  • Personal windsurf tuition from intermediate to advanced level
  • Sailing upwind on short board using harness and the fast tack
  • Water start and carve gybe training
  • Sail away trips
  • High wind blasting
  • Morning SUP skills, races and trips.
  • Optional fitness sessions: Yoga, Circuits, MTB, Swim and Stretch
  • Advanced theory knowledge, fin design, rigging and tuning

Week 5: Instructor Preparation

  • RYA Safety and Fun course
  • Theory & practical presentations
  • Learning styles, feedback and teaching techniques
  • Practice presentations pre-course questionnaires and feedback
  • Afternoon high wind coaching
  • Close quarters board handling and instructor skills
  • Morning SUP skills, races and trips.
  • Optional fitness sessions: Yoga, Circuits, MTB, Swim and Stretch

Week 6: Start Windsurfing Instructor

The Windsurf Instructor Course runs Sunday – Wednesday with moderation on Thursday. There are a maximum of 8 students on the course. All students will be given the opportunity to deliver presentations and practical sessions. You will be assessed on your personal sailing skills, presentation techniques, and how you give feedback. After this week you will be competent in delivering all components of the RYA teaching syllabus.

Weeks 7 – 9: Instructor Development

Tailored to the individual requirements our unique Instructor Development Course is designed to provide 32 hours of teaching experience at one of the Water Sports centre’s in Vassiliki. You will work on your personal development skills for the Intermediate Instructors Course.

Week 10: RYA Intermediate Windsurfing Instructor Course

During this week, you will learn all of the skills and theory to be able to deliver the RYA Intermediate teaching syllabus.  There will be high wind windsurfing, spaced with essential theory and video coaching.

Week 11: Instructor Development

Following your Intermediate Windsurfing Instructor course, you will complete a further 20 hours of teaching experience to consolidate what you have learnt.

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