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4 days
Vassiliki, Greece
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Windsurf foiling, or windfoiling, is taking a set of wings and putting them on a very large fin underneath your board. With the ability to fly above the water in just 6 knots, foiling is the latest craze to hit the windsurfing world. An incredible sensation where everything goes silent once you’re up above the water, windsurf foiling looks like it is here to stay.

If you are an Intermediate Planing or Advanced Windsurfing Instructor then becoming a RYA Windsurfing Foiling Instructor is a great course to increase the range of services you can provide to guests and clients. Having the ability to teach in a wider range of planing conditions only increases the fun and excitement of being on the water.

Our course, which starts with a taster to get your First Flights, enables you to progress from foiling take off, to sustaining flights and entering the world of foiling transitions.

Flying Fish ran the first ever RYA Windsurf Foiling Instructor Course abroad in September 2019.

RYA Windsurf Foil Instructor Endorsement

This 4 day course will train instructors how to deliver the exciting new RYA Foiling Scheme. The course will involve learning about the equipment that is currently available and running sessions both afloat and ashore to cover the new scheme.

We will spend as much time as possible on the water to hone your flight skills and get you ready to teach this exciting program.

Why Flying Fish?

This Flying Fish training location is unique. All our Windsurfing courses are run at Club Vass in the beautiful Vassiliki Bay, Greece. You will benefit from the brand new kit that Club Vass buys each year. The equipment is rigged and ready to go so you choose the sail and board you would like and off you go. Club Vass has over 300 boards, sails, paddleboards to choose from, you will get to experience different sail and board combinations to see what works best.

Training in Greece

Our schedule has you training for 4 days between 9am and 5pm. We also offer optional early morning fitness training twice a week when you can enjoy mountain biking, SUP, circuits, swimming or yoga. There will be 3 hours of tuition before lunch then the same in the afternoon rounding up with a debrief at 5pm. The equipment is available to use after sessions and in your own time.

Life off the water is just as exciting as life on it, when the sun goes down Vassiliki comes alive, with great dining and socialising in town. The Club Vass and Wildwind BBQs and entertainment shows are legendary and are not to be missed!


Our accommodation famously known as the Fish House is in Vassiliki town, close to the bars, restaurants and supermarkets. The Fish House is in the heart of the action and only a 10 minute walk from the training centre, Club Vass.

The Flying Fish Windsurfing and Dinghy Sailing programmes are so well liked and our customers have such an amazing time that many don’t come home, instead spending the rest of the season in Greece working for one of the holiday companies in the beautiful Greek Islands.


  • Unlimited equipment hire at Club Vass
  • Tuition, publications and certification
  • Video coaching
  • BB talking headset coaching
  • RYA Windfoil Instructor Endorsement
  • Free online recruitment service
  • Personal Certication for Sustained Flights or Performance Flights level

Dates & pricing

Starts Ends Location(s) Availability
19/09/2021 26/09/2021 Vassiliki, Greece 4 Spaces Left
Course only
Required deposit £250
Or, please hold my space for 48 hours

Pre-requisite experience and qualifications

  • RYA Intermediate Planing Instructor
  • 1 full season experience teaching planing windsurfing
  • A good sailing ability and background knowledge
  • Foiling level: Sustained foiling in the harness, can tack and gybe non foiling initially
  • Theory level: RYA Advanced Level
  • RYA membership
  • Valid RYA First Aid Course
  • RYA Powerboat Level 2

Full itinerary

The Course will run from 10am to 6pm Monday to Thursday

Day 1

  • Introduction to the RYA Windfoil Scheme
  • Different foils available
  • First flights session planning
  • Sessions afloat: first flights demo session and paired coaching

Day 2

  • Sustained flight session planning
  • How a foil works
  • Best sails and setup for foiling
  • Simulator session and stance changes for foiling
  • Sessions afloat; Sustained flight demos and paired coaching

Day 3

  • Performance flight course management and planning
  • Board types and setup
  • Foiling gybe and tacking session on the land
  • Sessions Afloat; Performance flight demos
  • On water video session and performance flight coaching

Day 4

  • Video analysis and fault finding
  • Personal safety equipment
  • Kit setup for beginners
  • Course planning and management
  • Debrief


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In order to become a Foiling Instructor you need to be an RYA Intermediate Planing Instructor.