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Dinghy instructor training

Start a career or a gap year teaching dinghy sailing.

Flying Fish Royal Yachting Association (RYA) dinghy instructor courses are available in Vassiliki, Greece, and Sydney, Australia.

Maximum time on the water

Our instructor courses maximise the time you spend on the water to improve your personal sailing.

Find dinghy sailing instructor courses in Greece and Australia


We know that the more confidence you have on the water, the better you will be as a teacher.

The best instructors

We also know that you don't need to be an Olympic hotshot to be a good instructor.

Many of the best instructors are sailors who have recent memories of their own first lessons.

Start as a beginner sailor

As a beginner or early intermediate sailor you can reach instructor level on our Dinghy Sail Instructor Traineeship in just six weeks.

To make the most of the work oportunities you should consider our Dinghy Sail/Windsurf Instructor Traineeship which combines dinghy sailing with windsurfing.

Instructor training for experienced sailors

We also run shorter courses to fast track experienced sailors to RYA qualification and jobs.

See our four week Dinghy Sail Instructor Fast-track and the two week Dinghy Sail Instructor Prep/Assessment course.

Professional Instructor Development

After qualifying as instructor most candidates will benefit from some structured work experience - plus further training to improve your personal sailing skills.

All packaged together in our four week Dinghy Sail Instructor Professional Development course.

Next steps for experienced instructors

Our upgrade courses for experienced instructors can take you up to the top level of the RYA training scheme.

Find Dinghy Sail Instructor Upgrade courses.

Find dinghy sailing instructor courses in Greece and Australia


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