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PADI dive jobs

PADI dive jobs

Scuba diving is one of those rare occupations in which you get paid to do something you love.

Where to start

Divemaster is the first rung on the PADI professional ladder. You will assist instructors both in the pool and in open water sessions.

With time and experience you’ll soon be ready to go for the next professional level: Open Water Scuba Instructor.

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Prepare your CV

Before you start training, prepare your CV (resume) with the qualifications you expect to achieve.

Apply for jobs advertised on this site and start networking as soon as you begin your course. For instructors there are often more jobs than applicants so there is no excuse not to get hired!

As soon as you haved signed up for your Flying Fish course you'll have full access to our Jobs and recruitment section.

Where can you work?

The oceans occupy 7/10 of the world's surface so you have plenty of choice.

There are jobs at Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, on remote islands in the Indian Ocean, in the Caribbean and the Red Sea. The world, as they say, is your oyster.

What you'll earn

Divemaster work is satisfying and a good way to build experience but it is often quite poorly paid: subsistence wages only.

As a PADI scuba instructor you will tell a different story. You'll be making money for your employer and can expect to be paid $700 to $2,000 a month, depending on location, plus tips - which can be substantial. Of course with experience and higher qualifications the rate goes up.

Some examples of PADI Open Water Scuba Instructors' pay: 

  • Seychelles, Oct-May, Private resort: $2,00 a month + tips + accommodation
  • Hawaii, USA, Permanent position: $24,000 annual salary + tips
  • Cyprus, Summer season: $230 a week + tips + accommodation
  • Dahab, Egypt, permanent position: $700 a month + tips + accommodation
  • Maldives, Oct-May, Dive shop: $1,100 a month + tips + accommodation

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