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2 days
UK & Australia


The ISAF safety course is required for offshore race skippers and crew competing in major yacht races around the world which venture into unprotected waters. Organisers of offshore yacht races require crews to complete safety training to deal with potential emergencies while at sea.

Course programme

This course meets the training requirements set by section 6.01 of the ISAF special regulations required for Cat 0,1 and some Cat 2 offshore races. If you have a sea survival certificate issued in the last five years then you are exempt from day two, the sea survival course.

This course covers the training requirements needed for offshore racing but is also a good investment for any sailor embarking on an offshore or ocean passages.

We deliver the training in two parts. One day is spent in the classroom, dealing with heavy weather, seamanship and responding to emergencies on board. The second day is devoted to practical sea survival training including practical drills in the swimming pool.


  • Publications, certification.
  • Transport to swimming pool.
  • Safety equipment.

This ISAF Safety course must be revalidated every five years.

Dates & pricing

Sorry, there are currently no dates scheduled for this course.

Pre-requisite experience and qualifications

No previous experience needed.

All students are required to secure travel insurance for the duration of their course.


Full itinerary

Day 1 – Classroom syllabus

  • Care and maintenance of safety equipment.
  • Rigging Storm sails.
  • VHF DSC mayday procedures.
  • Damage control and repair.
  • Dealing with medical emergencies onboard.
  • Crew routines, boat handling.
  • Use of drogues.
  • Man overboard prevention and recovery.
  • Giving assistance to other craft.
  • SAR organisation and methods.
  • Weather forecasting and heavy weather techniques.
  • Fire precautions and use of fire extinguishers.

Day 2 – Sea survival course

  • Liferafts and lifejackets.
  • The equipment on your liferaft.
  • Pyrotechnics and EPIRBs.
  • Use of survival suits and protective clothing.
  • Survival techniques.
  • Launching and boarding the life raft.
  • Righting a liferaft.
  • Group exercises.

Related courses

At least one member of the race crew is required to have a valid first aid certificate. We can provide STCW first aid training which complies with ISAF special regulations.