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Yacht Cruising Instructor

Yacht Cruising Instructor

Get qualified to teach yachting as an RYA Cruising Instructor. When you have reached Yachtmaster level, we can train you to teach others using the Royal Yachting Association (RYA) cruising scheme.

In Cowes and Sydney we offer an intensive RYA Cruising Instructor week for candidates who have good boat handling ability, excellent communication skills and lots of sailing experience.

Cruising Instructor Internship

We also offer six and seven week Internships for newly qualified Yachtmasters. We train you in teaching techniques and motivational skills. You learn to instruct boat handling and pilotage, as well as dealing with man-overboard and other emergency situations.

This programme combines cruising experience as skipper, supervised teaching practice, instructor training, and general work experience with Flying Fish in Cowes or Sydney.

Gain confidence

As you gain confidence and experience we will give you the responsibility of running your own training sessions.

By the end of the Internship you will be a confident skipper and yacht instructor, with experience running your own RYA courses in challenging conditions.

Get a job

With the RYA Cruising Instructor qualification you are eligible for work at yacht training centres worldwide.

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