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Sydney to Hobart Campaign

Sydney to Hobart Campaign

The annual Sydney Hobart Race is our toughest racing challenge, leaving Sydney on 26 December and arriving in Hobart, Tasmania, in time for massive New Year celebrations. 

Skill and endurance

The race is a great test of seamanship, tactics, skill and endurance.

Be prepared

The key to success in an event like this is preparation - and Flying Fish has designed a campaign for individual crew members that ensures that everyone is well prepared for the challenge.

The big day

When the big day arrives you sail out into the Tasman Sea, searching for the warm current that will carry you south along the Australia coast.

You head out across the Bass Strait and down the east coast of Tasmania.

A magnificent welcome

At Tasman Island the course takes a right turn into Storm Bay for the final leg, sailing up the Derwent River to the finish line at Constitution Dock - and a magnificent welcome in the historic port of Hobart.

Choose skippered or bareboat charter of your own Flying Fish yacht to race with friends or colleagues.

Or join a Flying Fish Sydney Hobart crew as an individual for the adventure of a lifetime!

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