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2 Weeks from £320

Instructor Development

Instructor Development is a two-week post-qualification course in Greece, designed for graduates of a Watersports Instructor course or Fast-track with Flying Fish.

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1 day from £110

RYA Radar course

This one day course introduces you to the operation of small boat Radar, to assist your decision making in navigation and collision avoidance.

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4 Weeks from £2,973

Yachtmaster Ocean Theory and Passage

Yachtmaster Ocean Theory and Passage combines the RYA Yachtmaster Ocean theory course with an exhilarating Pacific Ocean passage.

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5 Days from £930

Superyacht Interior Course

If you already have STCW and want to know the role of a Stewardess.

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1 Week from £775

STCW Basic Safety Training

STCW is the minimum basic safety training requirement for anyone wishing to work on a commercial vessel greater than 24m in length. Our STCW Course is for one week.

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3 Weeks from £1,320

Gap Year Water Sports Experience (Greece)

Gap Year experience consists of 3 Watersports in 3 weeks in the stunning bay of Vassiliki, Greece.

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4 Days from £390

STCW Refresher Course

If you are working as a Seafarer onboard ship and have completed your STCW Basic Safety Training course more than five years ago then this update training course is for you

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6 Weeks from £3,210

Dinghy Instructor Course (Greece)

This six week RYA Dinghy Instructors course combines intensive skills coaching on the water with theory training in class to develop your background knowledge and instructional skills.

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1 week from £380

RYA Yachtmaster Theory

The RYA Yachtmaster theory is an advanced course for skippers and navigators building on the RYA Day skipper theory. After completing this course, you will have a thorough knowledge of all the theory required to complete an offshore passage.

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1 week from £1,008

Yachtmaster Prep Course (Sail)

This live-aboard course provides a final brush up of skills and theory knowledge and leads to a practical assessment, conducted independently by an RYA Yachtmaster Examiner. Depending on your prior skills and experience or personal goal your objective may be a Yachtmaster Offshore or Coastal Certificate of Competence.

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1/2 weeks from £795

Yachtmaster Milebuilder

Our Yachtmaster Mile Builder course provides the opportunity to log sea miles and qualifying passages in preparation for assessment for the RYA Yachtmaster Offshore Certificate.

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1 week from £640

Advanced Windsurfing Course (Upgrade)

The one-week Advanced Windsurf Instructor upgrade is designed for qualified Intermediate instructors with experience in the RYA training scheme. We train you in teaching techniques at the top of the sport, with the emphasis on personal coaching and elite performance.

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