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ENG1 Seafarers Medical Fitness

ENG1 Medical CertificateThe ENG1 Medical Certificate

If you are planning to work at sea then you must have a Medical Fitness Certificate. The UK Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA) approves two types of Medical certificates; ML5 and ENG1.

The ENG1 Medical Certificate – Superyachts

All crew that are looking to work on ships including superyachts will require an ENG1 Medical.

Flying Fish recommend that all graduates who are looking for a career at sea complete the ENG1 Medical before training begins.

Please click on the link below for all MCA approved doctors able to issue the ENG1 Medical Certificate. The Medical Certificate lasts for two years so if you are about to join Flying Fish but are not planning to go to sea for some time, do consider the two-year expiry date. However, if you are looking to work at sea then you must get an ENG1 Medical Certificate before you start applying for jobs as your employer will require a copy of your ENG1.

The MCA have set a maximum fee for the ENG1 Medical Certificate of £80.

List of approved UK based doctors

List of approved overseas doctors

If you are concerned that you may have a medical condition that could affect your chances of getting an ENG1 Medical Certificate, then this article will help you understand what is covered during an ENG1 medical:

Colour blindness

If you are colour blind, affecting your ability to distinguish lights, you should consider having an eye test before joining a Yachtmaster Course or training as professional Superyacht crew. Any doctor can conduct the Ishihara test and if you pass you can be confident that colour blindness will not be a bar to the issue of an ENG1 or ML5. If you fail the Ishihara your doctor will need to place a restriction on your ENG1 or ML5.  You can consider having a “CAD” test conducted at several Universities across the UK.

For more information on the MCA’s Colour Assessment and Diagnosis test (CAD) then please refer to notice NIN 564

ML5 Medical Certificate

Consider the ML5 Medical if you are applying for positions as Skipper or crew of a Small Commercial Vessel certified for area A2 (no more than 60 miles from a safe haven). If you are working close to home, then the ML5 Medial Certificate is preferred. Take this form to your GP who will be able to complete the medical for you.

Commercial Endorsement for Yachtmasters

To work as a professional Yachtmaster you need either ENG1 or ML5 to support commercial endorsement of your qualification. Flying Fish recommends ENG1, which validates Yachtmaster Offshore to 150 miles from a safe haven and Yachtmaster Ocean on an unrestricted basis. ML5 limits you to 60 miles.

Learn more about the Medical Certification guidance.

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