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The RYA Yachtmaster qualification is your gateway to a new career in the Yachting industry. The qualification provides worldwide work and adventure and confirms that your knowledge and skills are at the highest standard.


Yachtmaster Ocean
Yachtmaster Ocean Course
Yachtmaster Offshore Course
Yachtmaster Power Prep week

How long does it take to get my Yachtmaster?

There are two routes, you can gain the knowledge and experience yourself through gaining experience with family and friends and, over time, build up the experience to take the Yachtmaster exam. The downside with this route is that it can take a number of years to reach the standard required.

Alternatively, and the most popular and quickest route, is to join a training course that provides all the skills and training, and qualifications you need to reach your goal. You can go from beginner to Yachtmaster Offshore in 12-weeks.

Yachtmaster Power or Sail

The RYA has two separate qualifications, Power and Sail. Depending on your goal depends on what qualification route you take. If you are working in the Superyacht industry, then most choose Yachtmaster Power. However, if you are a sailor, then choose Yachtmaster Sail would be the obvious choice.

Yachtmaster Ocean Course
Yachtmaster Power prep week
Yachtmaster Ocean Course

Yachtmaster Coastal, Offshore, or Ocean

There are three different Yachtmaster qualifications to choose from. The path you take depends on your goal.

Yachtmaster Coastal: Allows the holder to skipper a yacht up to 60 miles from shore, day or night. If you own your own boat or are a local sailor who doesn’t want to go offshore but would like to build confidence in coastal waters, then choose this option.

Yachtmaster Offshore: Most popular route. Allows the holder to skipper a yacht up to 150 miles from shore, day or night. If you want to work as a commercial skipper or see yourself progressing in the Superyacht industry, then you will need your Yachtmaster Offshore qualification.

Yachtmaster Ocean: Allows the holder to take a yacht on an ocean passage. Popular with skippers who hold Yachtmaster Offshore who want to progress and skipper yachts across the Atlantic.

Become a Yachtmaster

Flying Fish Yachtmaster Course

Flying Fish is famous for our Yachtmaster Sailing Courses in Sydney, Australia, we have been operating in Australia since 1995.  As well as the training course, Sydney offers so much more. You will learn to sail on the beautiful Sydney Harbour and offshore along the East Coast of Australia. 

Our Yachtmaster programmes are very popular with people who are looking to escape the Northern Hemisphire winter, learn to sail in the sunshine, and explore the the delights that Syndey has to offer.

There is so much to do off the water too. You can relax on beautiful sun-drenched beaches, enjoy world-class food, nightlife and, of course, learn to surf!

Ready to launch your Yachtmaster career?

Choose from one of our course options below.

Yachtmaster Ocean Course

Yachtmaster Ocean

Yachtmaster Ocean

This 16-week course takes you from beginner to Yachtmaster Offshore. You will then stay on for a further four weeks to learn the art of celestial navigation before taking part in a two-week Ocean Passage. Once qualified, you will be able to skipper a yacht up to 24m in length across an Ocean.

Yachtmaster Offshore Course

Yachtmaster Offshore Course

Yachtmaster Offshore Course – Most Popular

This 12-week Yachtmaster course takes you from a novice sailor to RYA Yachtmaster Offshore in one all-inclusive course. The Yachtmaster Offshore course is our most popular option for customers starting a career in the Superyacht or sailing industry. The qualification allows you to skipper a yacht up to 24m in lengh 150 miles from a safe haven.

Yachtmaster Coastal

Yachtmaster Coastal Course

Yachtmaster Coastal Course

Our Yachtmaster Coastal is the entry-level certificate into the commercial world. Customers choose to complete Yachtmaster Coastal if the intention is to work in Coastal waters no further than 20 miles from a safe haven.


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