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5 tips to survive (and thrive in) the superyacht summer season

16th May 2022

At the time of writing, it’s May 2022, …Which means that we’re about to dive full swing into the summer Superyacht season! If you’re a newly qualified Superyacht Deckhand or Stewardess, this is a really exciting time. Your yacht is about to fill up with a range of exciting guests, and you’ll be getting hands on with a whole variety of tasks – all of which you’ll have been prepared for in your Superyacht training course!

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A view of the sunset from a Superyacht in summer, representing Superyacht industry jobs.

I’m a woman… can I be a Superyacht Deckhand?

3rd May 2022

One of the most common questions we’re asked at Flying Fish is whether women can work in Superyacht Deckhand jobs. We’re (sadly) never too surprised by the question; if you’ve watched Below Deck, you may have noticed that the Superyacht Deckhands on board the yachts are typically male, while the Superyacht Stewardess role is usually carried out by women.

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A female Deckhand cleaning the side of a Superyacht, representing women in Superyacht Deckhand jobs.

How much do Stewardesses and Deckhands get paid?

20th April 2022

This is perhaps one of the most common questions we’re asked here at Flying Fish about Superyacht jobs in Europe! We’ve mentioned it on several occasions, but aside from getting the chance to travel the world and make amazing friends for life, the pay is perhaps one of the best parts about working on a Superyacht.

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Two Superyacht Stewardesses undertaking Superyacht jobs in Europe.

How to get a visa to train as a Stewardess or Deckhand in the UK

11th April 2022

We get students from across the globe applying for our Superyacht training courses every year here at Flying Fish. However, depending on whereabouts you’re travelling from in the world to complete your Superyacht Stewardess or Deckhand training course in the UK, you might need to apply for a visa. Read on to find out whether you will need to apply for a visa to attend a Superyacht course in the UK, and if so, how to go about it…

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A Flying Fish student riding a speedboat with a Union Jack flag in the background, representing a Superyacht Stewardess or Deckhand training course, UK

The Superyacht crew hierarchy explained

14th March 2022

When you first start looking for Superyacht crew jobs, you’ll most likely be considering becoming a Deckhand or Stewardess. These are two of the most popular entry point roles into a Superyacht career, and – as we never tire of saying here at Flying Fish – promise an abundance of benefits and incredible experiences!

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Superyacht Stewardesses under the supervision of a Chief Stewardess, representing the hierarchy of Superyacht crew jobs.

What makes a truly successful Superyacht Deckhand?

11th March 2022

There are few careers more rewarding than that of a Superyacht Deckhand! When you become a Superyacht Deckhand, you’ll have the world (well, ocean!) at your feet, and years ahead of you to explore different parts of the globe, make some amazing friends for life, and earn a fantastic wage!

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A Superyacht Deckhand celebrating their success.

What qualifications do you need to work on a Superyacht?

15th February 2022

Whilst Superyacht jobs are (of course) among the best in the world, they do have a few similarities with your average 9-5-er… …Namely, in that there are specific qualifications you’ll need to have in order to be considered for a role...

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Proficiency in security awareness

How to successfully pitch Stewardess or Deckhand training to your parents

3rd February 2022

So, you’ve decided to train as a Superyacht Deckhand or Stewardess! This is perhaps one of the most exciting decisions you’ll ever make, and you’ve got so much to look forward to on your Stewardess and Deckhand training programs.

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Students completing their STCW Safety Training as part of their Superyacht Stewardess and Deckhand training programs

5 Superyacht Deckhand duties you probably didn’t know about…

5th January 2022

Deckhand/deck officer jobs on Superyachts are loads of fun - but did you know about these duties you’ll be expected to do? Read this blog to learn more!

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A group of Superyacht Deckhands and Stewardesses on a speedboat, representing the duties involved in deck officer jobs on Superyachts.

7 skills every Superyacht Stewardess needs to succeed

20th December 2021

If you’re thinking of applying for Superyacht Stewardess jobs, there are several skills you’ll need under your belt. Read this blog to learn what they are!

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A group of young women working in Superyacht Stewardess jobs, stood on the top deck of a superyacht.

Working on a Superyacht after Brexit

3rd January 2021

Now that the UK has left the EU, free movement between Great Britain and the EU ended on 1st Jan 2021. With all the changes taking place how will working on a Superyacht after Brexit effect you?

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Working on a Superyacht after Brexit

How To Become A Yachtie

30th September 2020

With an understanding of the requirements and certifications, starting a career as a Yachtie will not seem so daunting.

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Becoming a Stewardess
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