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All the latest news and features from Flying Fish.

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Yacht Crew Agencies

8th June 2020

Yacht crew agencies will be able to help find work for all types of positions and experience, from Yacht Captains down to green (new) Stewardesses and Deckhands.

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Yacht Crew Agencies

Yacht Crew Recruitment During Coronavirus

11th May 2020

To get the latest information about what is happening in the world of superyacht recruitment, we spoke to Lisa at YPI Crew, who runs our graduate recruitment days in Antibes.

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How technology might change the Superyacht recruitment process

29th April 2020

We discuss how the impact of Coronavirus may force a technology change in the yacht crew recruitment process.

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Yacht Crew Interview Zoom

COVID-19: Extention to STCW update/refresher training

10th April 2020

The MCA has written a contingency plan for those who find themselves unable to update their STCW certificates

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STCW Extension

The Windsurfing Beach Start – How To Guide

1st April 2020

Learning how to beach start is a fun manoeuvre to learn windsurfing. It is a quick way to get up, more rewarding than up hauling and looks cool!

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How to beach start windsurfing

Notice regarding Coronavirus

17th March 2020

We want to update you regarding the Coronavirus (COVID 19) as we can all see it is starting to impact on our daily lives.

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Zero to Hero Yachtmaster Courses – Expert Advice

17th March 2020

There are a number of different course options to choose from but if you have no prior experience, then you may have come across the term ‘zero to hero’ Yachtmaster.

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How To Rescue A Windsurfer In High Wind

16th March 2020

Rescuing a windsurfer with a safety boat is an essential skill of any watersports instructor.

If you add 20 knots of wind then things can become tricky. At Flying Fish we specialise in teaching these skills to all our students who wish to work in the best (and windiest) windsurfing locations around the world.

We believe the key is to break it down into the individual elements and keep it simple.

There are two parts to the rescue, the

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What is a BSUPA Paddleboard Instructor?

4th March 2020

BSUPA stands for British Stand Up Paddle Association they aims to protect and promote the sport of paddle boarding in the UK. They govern the BSUPA Instructor Pathway.

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Introducing SUP Instructor to our Water Sports Courses

3rd March 2020

We have been approved as a BSUPA training centre, which means we can develop our students to become paddleboarding instructors.

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Are tattoos allowed on Superyachts?

21st January 2020

Super yacht recruiters and captains are becoming a lot more relaxed to tattoos and because so many people now have them, they may be missing out on a great deckhand or stewardess if they don't accept tattoos.

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How to do CPR – First Aid Training

13th January 2020

CPR is a core skill delivered on any First Aid Training Course. It’s a technique that gives you the ability to manually keep a person alive should they stop breathing and go unconscious.

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What is CPR
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