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Recruitment Event – Antibes

Exclusively for customers who have completed our Superyacht or Professional Yachtmaster training courses.

Our Superyacht Recruitment Event in Antibes is exclusively for graduates who have completed a Flying Fish Superyacht Stewardess, Deckhand or Professional Yachtmaster training course. The day provides an introduction to starting your new career in the superyacht industry, the best ways to look for work, and how to save money whilst looking for that dream job around Antibes!


With a history spanning 40 years, the superyacht industry in Antibes gets bigger and better as each year goes by – both in the number of yachts arriving here and the size of new yachts being built.

Superyachts in port at Antibes in FranceAfter Flying Fish

After completing a Flying Fish Superyacht Course, you will need to know where to go, who to see and how to get employed as quickly as possible.

Our recruitment event helps to do just that, and more! You will have the chance to register with some of the top crew agencies in the business and gain a good overview of the superyacht industry in the South of France. By the end of the day you will have the right introductions to help you find your first job.

Overview of the event

  • Basic history of Antibes and how it became the largest port in Europe.
  • The superyacht industry and what to expect.
  • Working hours and rotas.
  • The yachting life: living and working with the same people, cabin etiquette.
  • Types of yachts: private and charter, flag states, owners, guests and VIPs.
  • Ranks and roles on board the yacht and the responsibilities of each position.
  • Yachting etiquette.
  • How to present yourself at an interview.
  • The good, the bad and the ugly of yachting (tales from those who know)!
  • Logistics of the yachts within the ports and names of the Quays.
  • Yachts currently on the International Quay.
  • Crew houses and where to stay.
  • Places to eat and drink, yachtie hangouts.
  • Social etiquette.
  • The Antibes Yacht Show: the venues, the parties and the people.
  • Local amenities: banks, hospital, doctor (to get your ENG1 if you haven’t already), uniform, shops, emergency numbers, car rental places.
  • Names of the leading crew recruitment companies and how to find them.
  • Overview of the companies and people you will be meeting for interviews.
  • How to get around Antibes safely and on a budget.

To book one of the following dates, please call us on 01983 280641 or fill out the below form along with the date you would like to book.

      1. Tuesday 30th January 2018
      2. Tuesday 27th February 2018
      3. Tuesday 20th March 2018
      4. Tuesday 3rd April 2018
      5. Tuesday 24th April 2018
      6. Tuesday 15th May 2018
      7. Tuesday 5th June 2018
      8. Tuesday 26th June 2018
      9. Tuesday 31st July 2018
      10. Tuesday 4th September 2018
      11. Tuesday 25th September 2018
      12. Tuesday 16th October 2018
      13. Tuesday 13th November 2018

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