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Recruitment Event – Antibes

Our Superyacht Recruitment Event in Antibes is exclusively for graduates who have completed a Flying Fish Superyacht Steward/ess or Deckhand course. The event provides an introduction to your new career in the Superyacht. The event is run by an experienced recruitment agent, who lives and works in Antibes.

So, how does it work?

The event was created to help customers get started on the journey to find a job. Lisa, who works for a large recruitment agency runs the event on behalf of Flying Fish. Lisa is in a unique position as working for an agency she knows what yachts are in town and are looking for crew.

So, you would fly down to Antibes, book into a crew house, we recommend the Grapevine, get settled in ready for the rectuitment event that takes place on the dates below.

You should take a copy of your CV and a pen and paper for taking notes. Lisa will take you on a guided tour of Antibes so be prepared for a walk about town. A full list of topics covered are listed below.

Antibes recruitment event

Topics covered

  • Basic history of Antibes and how it became the largest port in Europe.
  • The Superyacht industry and what to expect.
  • Review your CV
  • MLC, working hours and rotas.
  • The yachting life: living and working with the same people, cabin etiquette.
  • Types of yachts: private and charter, flag states, owners, guests and VIPs.
  • Ranks and roles on board the yacht and the responsibilities of each position.
  • Yachting etiquette.
  • How to present yourself at an interview.
  • The good, the bad and the ugly of yachting (tales from those who know)!
  • Logistics of the yachts within the ports and names of the Quays.
  • Yachts currently on the International Quay.
  • Crew houses and where to stay.
  • Places to eat and drink, yachtie hangouts.
  • Social etiquette.
  • Local amenities: banks, hospital, doctor (to get your ENG1 if you haven’t already), uniform, shops, emergency numbers, car rental places.
  • Names of the leading crew recruitment companies and how to find them.
  • Overview of the companies and people you will be meeting for interviews.
  • How to get around Antibes safely and on a budget.

How to book

Please note: flights to Antibes and accommodation are not included as part of the Recruitment event.

You are only able to book one event by choosing a date from the list below. If, for any reason you are not able to attend then you can contact us to rebook another date.

Recruitment event

Recruitment event dates

  1. Tuesday 21st September 2021
  2. Tuesday 12th October 2021
  3. Tuesday 2nd November 2021
  4. Tuesday 15th February 2022
  5. Tuesday 1st March 2022
  6. Tuesday 15th March 2022
  7. Tuesday 29th March 2022
  8. Tuesday 12th April 2022
  9. Tuesday 26th April 2022
  10. Tuesday 10th May 2022
  11. Tuesday 31st May 2022
  12. Tuesday 14th June 2022
  13. Tuesday 28th June 2022
  14. Tuesday 19th July 2022
  15. Tuesday 2nd August 2022
  16. Tuesday 30th August 2022
  17. Tuesday 13th September 2022
  18. Tuesday 27th September 2022
  19. Tuesday 11th October 2022

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